Tutorial will start on week 3.   The following tutorial files are in pdf format.

Tutorial 1    pdf file       Tutorial 2    pdf file   Tutorial 3     pdf file   Tutorial 4     pdf file

Guide to Tutorial 1                    Guide to Tutorial 2                 Guide to Tutorial 3                 Guide to Tutorial 4  


Tutorial 5  pdf file           Tutorial 6   pdf file       Tutorial 7    pdf file          Tutorial 8   pdf file

Guide to Tutorial 5                   Guide to Tutorial 6                  Guide to Tutorial 7                   Guide to Tutorial 8.

Supplement to Tutorial 8:   Additional note on the definition of Riemann integrals


Tutorial 9     pdf file        Tutorial 10   pdf file     Tutorial  11   pdf file

Guide to Tutorial 9    and 10                    Guide to Tutorial 10  and 11

Solution to tutorials  (Available after the week of tutorial)

Please do not check this out unless you need to or it will defeat the purpose of the tutorial assignment.  To learn and grow involves some stretching and some pain.    

Solution to Tut 1  Solution to Tut 2     Solution to Tut 3     Solution to Tut 4

Solution to Tut 5  Solution to Tut 6      Solution to Tut 7      Solution to Tut 8                 

Solution to Tut 9     Solution to Tut 10     

Presentation of Solution to Tut 5 (Qn 1 and 2)

Presentation of Solution to Tut 10